1.09 update deployed; Free DLC released today

(more information on Season 3 and its content (season pass 3), as well as the first released DLC Swerve to the Beach can be found here.

Free DLC available in stores now

Platform Link
Xbox https://thqn.net/aewxboxs3free
PlayStation EU https://thqn.net/aewpseus3free
PlayStation US https://thqn.net/aewpsnusseason3free
Steam https://thqn.net/aewsteams3free


Update 1.09 released

The following are the patch notes for update 1.09 which has been deployed to all platforms today in preparation for the roll-out of Season 3.

Gameplay (all platforms)

  • Fixed a bug that caused Steam Achievement's "Bet the Best" to be unlocked on non-host pads.
  • Fixed "Auto-Select" prompts on wrestler selection screen even after manual selection.
  • The "apron to in-ring" technique is no longer activated in Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match.
  • Fixed a bug where a COM would wake up a downed opponent after performing a tandem finisher.
  • COM Fixed that Thunder Rosa's Signature Move fires signatures from a distance where the attack cannot hit.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a transparent collision around the ladder model when a wrestler with a ladder in place was attacked.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrestler's pose to change instantly when making a diving catch.
  • Fixed a bug that caused wrestlers who received an Irish Whip to enter an infinite running animation.
  • Fixed a bug where Wrestlers float above the ring after performing a running attack towards a corner and a set up ladder using a "Skateboard"
  • Fixed diving attack was triggering a pain motion when the attacker self-destructed, even though the diving attack hit a part of the body of the attacked party.
  • Fixed a small animation on the hit side when Flying Clothesline 1 hit, making it difficult to understand the hit side's animation.
  • Fixed a bug in the casino battle royale that was causing only weak grapple attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the attacker's position to warp and suddenly shift into a grapple state when a thrown weapon hit.
  • Fixed the issue of hitting the corner post when Irish Whip toward the guardrail near the off-site corner.
  • Fixed a bug that caused down attacks to be triggered even when away from a downed opponent.
  • Fixed a bug in the casino's Battle Royale that prevented powerful grapple attacks from being launched when standing.
  • Fixed issue with SFX not sounding when table was burned.

Menu (all platforms)

  • Fixed "Auto-Select" prompt still appearing after manual selection.
  • Fixed a issue where CAW was not automatically selected on the wrestler selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the AEW logo displayed in the News pop-up window was too light in color.

Minigame (all platforms)

  • Fixed COM's inability to complete the "Path Tracer" mini-game on "Elite" difficulty level.


  • (Xbox Series/PlayStation 5 only) Fixed an issue where a soft lock would occur in the main menu if the act of quickly canceling a private match was repeated twice.
  • (PlayStation 5 only) Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when touching with a partner in an online 2-on-2.

Title Screen (all platforms)

  • Replaced the title screen with artwork for Season 3.