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Today's Dev Diary Talks About Looting, Items & Character Styles for Titan Quest II

Munich, Germany / Vienna, Austria - July 10th, 2024: Today, THQ Nordic is thrilled to reveal new info on Titan Quest II combat style as well as the looting and character progression system. The game features locations with assigned levels, scaling enemy stats and item quality.

Leader of the Unified Trios World Champion “Switchblade” Jay White Enters the Fight Forever Ring

July 10, 2024 – Vienna, Austria, Jacksonville, FL and Tokyo, Japan – THQ Nordic, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and YUKE’S Co., Ltd. today welcomed “Switchblade” Jay White into the AEW: Fight Forever ring. The third installment in Season 4, Switchblade Tournament Pack ($6.99)

The Countdown Has Begun: Space for Sale Enters Early Access Orbit on July 30th!

Vienna, Austria / Karlstad, Sweden - July 9th, 2024: T-21 days, Ladies and Gentlemen! Fifty-five years ago, in July 1969, mankind took its first steps on the moon, ending the race to space. Described as "a small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind", this historic event marked the beginning of a new era.

THQ Nordic has partnered with Remington Firearms to extend the firearms selection for Way of the Hunter!

Bratislava, Slovakia / Vienna, Austria - June 17, 2024: THQ Nordic has partnered with Remington Firearms to bring you an even greater selection and additional calibers with the Remington Firearms Pack for Way of the Hunter, releasing TODAY! Make your choice from these four brand-new Remington Firearms products and hunt your own way.

Back For Good: THQ Nordic Will Be At gamescom 2024!

Vienna/Austria, June 13th, 2024: Whatever we said, whatever we did - we didn't mean it, we will be back for good! We are thrilled to announce that after a year of absence, THQ Nordic is making a grand return to Cologne for gamescom 2024.

Ready For Takeoff: New Dev Diary Entry Reveals Early Access Window And Updates For Space for Sale!

Vienna, Austria / Karlstad, Sweden - June 13, 2024: 3...2...1...takeoff! Get your rockets and space suits ready as Space for Sale launches into Early Access on Steam this summer! Start your very own space realtor adventure, solo or with a friend! All of this is topped off with a new dev diary entry.

Hall of Famer Adam Copeland Joins AEW: Fight Forever Roster In New Rated Gold Superstar Pack DLC

June 12, 2024 – Vienna, Austria, Jacksonville, FL and Tokyo, Japan – THQ Nordic, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and YUKE’S Co., Ltd.

A Setting of Mythic Proportions: New Titan Quest II Dev Diary Shows The Mythological Level Design

Munich, Germany / Vienna, Austria - June 5th, 2024: Today's Titan Quest II Developer Diary takes a closer look at the Mythological Level Design. In order to create an experience worthy of the original, the world of Titan Quest II is being handcrafted from the ground up to create a unique and cherished setting.

Photo Mode, New Game+, and much more: A new patch for Alone in the Dark is now live!

A new patch for Alone in the Dark is now live, adding Photo Mode, New Game+, a fix for the "Nobody knows what happened" achievement bug and much more.

The best things come in threes: MX vs ATV Legends Season 3 starts today!

Montreal, Canada / Vienna, Austria, May 21, 2024: Season 3 of MX vs ATV Legends launches out of the starting gate today, promising an array of fantastic new features on the horizon.

Clothes Make The Hunter: New Outfits DLC and Update For Way of The Hunter

Bratislava, Slovakia / Vienna, Austria - May 16, 2024: Time to hunt in style - the new Outfits Pack DLC is available now. Explore the wilderness in the attire of a traditional Slovak hunter or a distinguished gentleman!

Wung-Fu Fable RPG Biomutant is OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch! Will you choose to save the world or to let it die?

Vienna/Austria, May 14th, 2024: Today, THQ Nordic releases the port for the post-apocalyptic Wung-Fu Fable RPG Biomutant on Nintendo Switch! In Docked Mode, experience gameplay in 1080p (with Dynamic Resolution) at a stable 30 FPS. Handheld Mode will feature 720p (with Dynamic Resolution) at a stable 30 FPS.

AEW: Fight Forever Kicks off Season 4 with the Legendary Samoa Joe DLC PLUS the All New Japanese Shrine Map + FREE DLC Elite Beats and Stadium Stampede Expansion Now Available to All Fight Forever Players

May 8, 2024 – Vienna, Austria, Jacksonville, FL and Tokyo, Japan – THQ Nordic, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and YUKE’S Co., Ltd. today added former World Champion Samoa Joe to the playable AEW: Fight Forever talent roster in the new World War Joe ($9.99) DLC.

Why Get One If You Can Have Two? Gothic Classic Khorinis Saga Coming to Nintendo Switch in June

Vienna/Austria - May 07th, 2024: Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey to the mystical island of Khorinis, where two of the most beloved RPGs of all time await your discovery.

Community said 'let them cook' and THQ Nordic's 2024 Showcase will serve! New announcements, updates, and more, coming in August!

Vienna/Austria - May 2nd, 2024: THQ Nordic's Showcase is back! Our Digital Showcase 2024, airing exactly 3 months from now, will be full of world premiere announcements, updates for previously-announced games and might even hold some surprises!

Let's Get Mythical, Mythical: A Closer Look at The Fantastic Creatures of Titan Quest II

Munich, Germany / Vienna, Austria - April 30, 2024: Combat is an integral aspect of every ARPG, and Titan Quest II is no exception. It's not just how you fight that matters, but also who or what you're fighting against.

This is (S)witchcraft: Biomutant Unveils Unedited Gameplay Ahead of May 14th Launch, Featuring Strong Pre-Order Discount

Vienna/Austria, April 26th, 2024: Post-apocalyptic Wung-Fu Fable RPG Biomutant is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 14, 2024. To give players a glimpse of the action, unedited gameplay footage has been released.

Sleeper, Sleeper On the Wall, Who Has the Fairest Collector's Edition Of All?

Barcelona, Spain / Vienna, Austria, April 25th, 2024: It's time to put the sleeper to rest, once and for all - on your wall.

MX vs ATV Legends Boxed Edition is OUT NOW!

Today, THQ Nordic and Rainbow Studios released the boxed edition of MX vs ATV Legends – 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Edition. This specific edition is currently only available for retail and includes the base game as well as the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Championship DLC. The new boxed edition is available at an SRP of €29.99 / $29.99 / £24.99 on PS5™, Xbox Series X|S.

New patch for Outcast live

Here are the patch notes

Note: This patch brings a lot of fixes following bugs reported by players, whom we’d like to thank.

New Features

  • “Hide HUD”: Players can now select the option “Hide HUD” from the Game Settings, removing all interface elements from the screen for an immersive experience.

Quality of Life Improvements and Optimization