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This Is Gonna Be Jaggendary: Strategy Heavyweight Jagged Alliance 3 Is Out Now!

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, July 14th, 2023: Vive la Revolution! Welcome to Jagged Alliance - join us today and free Grand Chien from its oppressors!

Draw your swords together in The Valiant - OUT NOW on consoles!

Budapest, Hungary / Vienna, Austria, July 11th, 2023: Embark on an epic adventure, finally on consoles! The Valiant is OUT NOW on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S! Watch the launch trailer here:!

This time for Africa: New DLC Tikamoon Plains for Way of the Hunter announced!

Bratislava, Slovakia / Vienna, Austria, July 7th, 2023: Welcome to Africa! With a diverse range of biomes, Tikamoon Plains offers lush grasslands, vast savannas, deadly deserts, and windy mountains for you to explore.

No Gamescom 2023 for THQ Nordic

We will not come to Gamescom 2023, neither in the B2C-, nor in the B2B area. We are looking forward to maybe seeing you in Cologne next year.



Command Your Forces in The Valiant on Console: New Controller Trailer Released!

A new type of RTS is coming to consoles! Easily command your forces and outmaneuver your enemy with The Valiant's intuitive gamepad controls as shown in our new trailer:!

Locked and Loaded With The Perfect Arsenal For Success: New Jagged Alliance 3 Weapons Trailer

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, July 5th, 2023: Remember when a wise man once said, 'Guns. Lots of guns.' (Neo, Matrix, circa 1999), when asked what he needed? Well, in order to liberate Grand Chien, your Mercs will need exactly that: an impressive array of firearms.

Hotfix 1.11 now live on PC and PS4/PS5

For the time being, following changes are live on PC and PlayStation systems.

Xbox and Nintendo Switch will follow soon.

Hotfix 1.11 Changelog;


Modding Doth Spin the Realms Profound: The Guild 3 Adds Mod Support & Map Editor

Vienna, Austria, July 3rd, 2023 – Hear ye, hear ye, be it known to all! The Guild 3 hath received a fresh tapestry of updates! With this patch, ye shall witness the advent of mod support, Steam Workshop assistance, and a map editor, where ye, the valiant players, may forge thy own medieval realms.


Vienna, Austria / Jacksonville, USA and Tokyo, Japan, June 29th, 2023: THQ Nordic GmbH, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and YUKE’s Co. Ltd. today released AEW: Fight Forever across PS4™, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Nintendo® Switch.

Find the RIGHT Mercs to Finish the Job: Jagged Alliance 3 Introduces Its Fighters

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, June 28th, 2023: In Jagged Alliance 3, you take command of an eclectic group of fighters, brought together as a rag-tag force to liberate Grand Chien.

Better Off Alone: Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed Single Player Edition Launches Today on Xbox One & PlayStation 4

Vienna/Austria, Offenburg/Germany, June 27th, 2023: Attention, inhabitants of Planet Earth! Behold the grand proclamation from the mighty Furon Empire!

AEW Fight Forever - Pre-release FAQ

This is the official pre-launch FAQ for AEW Fight Forever. Although numbered, the questions are in no particular order.

AEW Fight Forever - Global launch date and times

Here is a link to the map displaying our launch date and launch times globally.

Click on the image to enlarge.

THQ Nordic's boxed PC games are facing a strictly limited future

For EVERY release on PC that includes a physical release as well, THQ Nordic


Vienna, Austria / Jacksonville, USA, June 23rd, 2023: Less than one week until All Elite Wrestling makes its videogame debut and “Better Than You”, “Two Year Vet”, “Salt of the Earth” MJF wants to give fighting game fans yet another reason to pre-order AEW: Fight Forever
right NOW!

AEW: Fight Forever Reveals Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch Mode!

Vienna, Austria / Jacksonville, USA, June 21st, 2023: THQ Nordic GmbH and AEW today unveiled the extremely punishing and often controversial Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch mode in AEW: Fight ForeverAre you ready to fight for your life in the Fight Forever ring?


Vienna, Austria / Jacksonville, USA, June 15th, 2023: THQ Nordic GmbH and AEW today unveiled Ladder Match mode in AEW: Fight ForeverCheck out what it means to defy gravity in the Fight Forever ring:

The Train is Real: A Look Behind the Scenes of Last Train Home’s Reveal Trailer

Brno, Czech Republic / Vienna, Austria, June 15th, 2023: THQ Nordic and developer Ashborne Games have revealed a new video for Last Train Home, the recently announced survival RTS in which players must lead a group of Czechoslovakian soldiers home in the aftermath of World War I.

Unveiling the Wider Picture: Your Path to Victory in Jagged Alliance 3

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, June 14th, 2023: In Jagged Alliance 3, victory in battles is no guarantee of winning the war. Our tactical turn-based game demands more than just skillfully maneuvering your mercenaries in combat.

This Is Your Last Train Home: Survival RTS In Grim World War 1 Setting Announced

Brno, Czech Republic / Vienna, Austria, June 12th, 2023: The Great War is over, but a new battlefront emerges in the heart of Russia. Brace yourself for an immersive gaming experience inspired by real historical events.