From Cooking to Gunning: Last Train Home Unveils the Varied Roles of Soldiers

On the arduous journey back to their homeland, the newly-formed Czechoslovak Republic, the Legionnaires find themselves thrust into diverse roles: engineers and cooks, stokers tending to the ever-fading flames, grenadiers launching into the fray, or riflemen holding the front line. Medics tirelessly attending to the wounded, and scouts cautiously probing the dangers that lie ahead. This challenging apprenticeship unfolds amidst the grim theater of war or the solemn duties aboard the train. Each trial sharpens their skills, forging invaluable expertise. While it is imperative to care for every soldier, the loss of a seasoned medic resonates more intensely than that of a rookie rifleman.

Explore the latest trailer to catch a glimpse of the harrowing journey your Legionnaires are undertaking.

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