Last Train Home FAQ

This is an excerpt of the FAQ that has been posted on Steam. Click here for the uncut version.


Stores, price

How much will the game cost?
39,99 EUR/USD

Via which digital stores will the game sell?
You’ll be able to buy the game on Steam and GOG, but also on others like: Amazon, Buka, CE Asia, Enaza, Focus Multimedia, Gamersgate, Games Republic, Gamestop, GreenMan Gaming, H2 Interactive, HeyBox Qing Feng, Humblebundle, Igratos Gamazavr, IndieGala, MacGame Store, Metaboli, Nexway, Nuuvem, Phoenix Fengxia, VoidU, Zetaprime, Ztorm.

What can you tell us about the physical copy?
Physical copies of the game will be made accessible through various retailers, please check this list for a couple of examples of retailers: Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France, and other selected retailers in Austria (mediamarkt), Czech Republic (Alza, JRC, Xzone), France (FNAC, MircoMANIA), and Germany (GameStop, mediamarkt, Saturn). Not available in the US and Australia/New Zealand.



Is it possible to import the progress from the demo to the full game?
This is something we didn’t consider because the demo and the full game are, in fact, two different applications. However, for those curious to experiment, it's possible to attempt transferring saves since they are stored on your computer. We can't provide assurances that this method will function seamlessly, though.
Furthermore, it's essential to keep in mind that we are continually fine-tuning the game. Consequently, the initial experience upon the game's release will differ and you will miss all the improvements we've integrated if you rely on an older save.

What percentage of the full game does the demo represent?
If you consider the length of the railway, the demo encompasses roughly 10 percent. To put it into perspective, the complete Trans-Siberian Railway spans 9,000 kilometers, with the playable segment in the demo extending to approximately 800 kilometers. In terms of missions, the demo provides a taste of 6 out of the total 40 missions available in the full game.

For how long will the demo be available?
The demo will stay online. The demo has already been updated with fixes based on the feedback we got during the Steam Next Fest.



Are you planning to add new languages to the game?
At the game's launch, players will have access to a comprehensive selection of 11 text languages. Additionally, the game offers full voice-overs in English, German, and French. For those seeking a deeper immersive experience, the ‘Immersion’ audio mode is available, featuring audio in Czech, Slovak, and Russian. As of now, there are no immediate plans to introduce additional languages.



Will the game be available on Geforce Now?

Will the game have any sort of Controller support or Steam Deck support?
Not with the release.

Will the game launch on consoles?
Not with the release.

Have you considered modding/Steam workshop support?
Not with the release.



Which games was Last Train Home inspired by?

Our creative process drew inspiration from a rich tapestry of sources. Notably, we looked at titles such as Frostpunk for insights into base management and the welfare of its inhabitants, Company of Heroes for real-time combat dynamics, and Starcraft 2 for user interface design. However, it's worth mentioning that some of the most significant sources of inspiration were the collective experiences of our team members, including their contributions to past projects like the UFO series developed by Altar Games.

How did you come up with the idea to combine train management with RTS?

We were drawn to the concept of extending player responsibilities beyond mission scenarios, involving the care of their squad and the management of their base, which is a similar concept to the UFO series. Furthermore, we aspired to introduce a strong element of persistence within the game, where the loss of soldiers becomes a permanent event, akin to the mechanics found in titles like Original War. Merging missions with the overarching management enables players to witness the lasting repercussions of their actions, thus emphasizing the pivotal role of persistence within the gameplay dynamics.