It's a new world, it's a new beginning - Outcast reveals new combat trailer today!

Vienna, Austria / Charleroi, Belgium - November 16, 2023:  Today, Outcast - A New Beginning, reveals an exciting new combat trailer, showcasing the dynamic and strategic elements that await you in this immersive gaming experience. Modify your weapons on the fly, harness powerful gadgets and ancient abilities, and tame the local wildlife to drive back the invaders! To catch a glimpse of the thrilling third person combat action, watch the new trailer here:

  • Modular Gun
    Throughout the game, you’ll find more than 30 different weapon modules that change the behaviour of your gun. Combine modules to try different combat styles! With 24 different modules (8 are doubled) and up to 6 weapon slots, the number of combinations is massive. Spoiler: it's over 9000! If we consider all possible options, we’re talking 906.192 combinations - feel free to do the math.
  • Shield
    Use your shield to defend yourself - or to attack! It works both as an offensive and defensive weapon.
  • Jetpack
    Your jetpack allows you to travel quickly but also aids in combat. Upgrade it as you progress through the game!
  • Talan Powers
    You'll acquire helpful abilities by finishing a village quest – like anti-gravity powers or flying creatures dropping bombs on enemies. Those powers are a part of the natural ecosystem of Adelpha. But keep in mind: The better the job you did in helping those villages, the stronger your powers will be.

Outcast - A New Beginning / Overview
Weapon upgrades, aliens and monsters (who can also be predators) - you will find all of this in Appeal Studio's and THQ Nordic's upcoming open world action-adventure Outcast - A New Beginning! Play as Cutter Slade, ex-Navy SEAL, and gain the trust of the local Talans. Engage in guerilla warfare such as destroying enemy ammo convoys to weaken bases and freely choosing where to launch the next attack, shaping the success of the Talan uprising.

The stakes are high, though, Cutter Slade brings dry humor to the forefront, adding a touch of wit to the intense storyline. Rediscover the awe-inspiring game world reminiscent of the beloved Outcast 1, while offering something totally fresh and accessible for newcomers. Every corner is brimming with wonders and surprises!

Watch the new trailer here
Download the assets

Outcast - A New Beginning is being developed by Appeal Studios in Charleroi, Belgium and will be available for PC at an SRP of € 59.99 / $ 59.99 / £ 49.99, and PlayStation5 & Xbox Series at an SRP of € 69.99 / $ 69.99 / £ 59.99.

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