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A Ballad of Guns and Things: Bobby Ray's Online Store Opens Up in Jagged Alliance 3's Patch 1.3

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, November 9th, 2023: In just one week, Jagged Alliance 3 will launch on Xbox and PlayStation. However, today, developer Haemimont Games is releasing exciting new (free) content for the PC version.

Jagged Alliance 3 - Patch 1.3 "Vicky"

Patch 1.3.0 Released – Vicky

Hello everyone,

Patch 1.3.0 codename “Vicky” just went live on Steam. It contains one highly anticipated new feature and a bunch of smaller fixes.

Alone in the Dark reveals new gameplay!

Skövde, Sweden / Vienna, Austria - November 8, 2023: Lots of new (unedited!) gameplay scenes, unsettling enemies, and suspicious surroundings can be found in the new trailer, 'Looking for Jeremy,' for Alone in the Dark:

Bring Them Home: Crew Trailer for Historical RTS Last Train Home

Vienna, Austria / Brno, Czech Republic, November 8th, 2023: What drives a person to keep moving forward in a dire situation? You'll have to answer this question in the grim real-time strategy game Last Train Home. Commanding your brothers and sisters of the Czechoslovak Legion is not only about leading them to combat or plotting your train's course.

Conjure & Conquer: Turn-Based Fantasy Strategy SpellForce: Conquest of Eo Is Available Now For PlayStation & Xbox

Vienna, Austria, November 7th, 2023: It's your turn, PlayStation and Xbox gamers! Turn-based fantasy strategy epic, SpellForce: Conquest of Eo, is now available for both PlayStation and Xbox Consoles.

Last Train Home - Demo update

The update for the Last Train Home Demo is now live, packed with numerous enhancements and refinements based on our community's invaluable feedback. Thank you very much for expressing your views on the game and your diligent issue reporting. Rest assured, we're committed to further perfecting the gaming experience, and our official release date is just around the corner! 

Get Ready to Rumble: Jagged Alliance 3 Hits Consoles on November 16th, New Controller Feature Trailer

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, November 2nd, 2023: Our strategy game of the year, Jagged Alliance 3, is arriving on consoles this November 16th. We understand that some players may wonder: how does a turn-based strategy game translate to a console experience?

Patch 1.07 for AEW: Fight Forever has been published

These are the patch notes for 1.07 for AEW: Fight Forever. With this update, we were fixing numerous issues, and are preparing everything for season 2. More information on season 2 will be announced in due time via official channels from THQ Nordic or AEW Games.

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New DLC Launches Today as MX vs ATV: Legends Celebrates One-Million Unique Users

Vienna, Austria / Phoenix, AZ, USA, October 31st, 2023: THQ Nordic is happy to announce MX vs ATV Legends has now gathered more than one million riders, competing for trophies, the fastest laps, and the most impressive stunts.

Experience far-off alien worlds in today's new trailer for Space for Sale!

Vienna, Austria / Karlstadt, Sweden - October 25, 2023: Check out today's new trailer for Space for Sale:!

Last Train Home FAQ

This is an excerpt of the FAQ that has been posted on Steam. Click here for the uncut version.


Stores, price

How much will the game cost?
39,99 EUR/USD

New Steyr Arms Pack for Way of the Hunter is available now!

Bratislava, Slovakia / Vienna, Austria - October 19, 2023: Today, THQ Nordic released the new Steyr Arms Pack for Way of the Hunter!

Celebrate our heroes with us in the new accolades trailer for Trine 5!

Vienna, Austria / Helsinki, Finland - October 19, 2023: Once again Pontius, Zoya, and Amadeus were successful, finding a way to not only save the kingdom but also win the hearts of players and critics alike. With so many positive reactions, we are so proud of what Frozenbyte have created!

Gothic Classic Patch 1 is now live on Nintendo Switch

Patch 1 is now live for Gothic Classic on Nintendo Switch.



Way of the Hunter - Hunting Season One (Physical Edition only) out now!

Today marks the release of the complete physical edition of Hunting Season One bundle.

MX vs ATV Legends releases Throwback Tracks Pack (as voted by fans) for Season 2 (2023) today!

THQ Nordic adds more content to MX vs ATV Legends – Season Two with content from the heart of the MX vs ATV community.

The community voted. THQ Nordic answered: 7 fan-favorite tracks are coming to MX vs ATV Legends with the Throwback Tracks Pack releasing in-game today at 9am PDT / 12noon EDT / 4pm GMT/ 5pm BST / 6pm CEST.

Board Last Train Home – A Release Date, A Demo, A Strategic Battles Trailer all departing on platform 2023

All aboard! Last Train Home – an upcoming Survival RTS in Grim World War 1 inspired by real events of the Czechoslovak Legion trapped in the chaos of civil war in the heart of Russia.

Gothic II Complete Classic coming to Switch on November 29, 2023

Classic Continuity: After Gothic Classic Has Hit Nintendo Switch, Gothic II will follow suit in November!


7th of November: SpellForce Conquest of Eo Launches on Consoles like a Fireball

Remember, Remember, the 7th of November: Magical Turn-Based Strategy SpellForce Conquest of Eo Launches on Consoles


Vienna, Austria / Jacksonville, USA / Tokyo, Japan - September 28, 2023: THQ Nordic GmbH, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and YUKE’S Co., Ltd. today released the HOOKHAUSEN: Very Handsome, Very Evil DLC pack for AEW: Fight Forever.