New patch for Outcast live

Here are the patch notes

Note: This patch brings a lot of fixes following bugs reported by players, whom we’d like to thank.

New Features

  • “Hide HUD”: Players can now select the option “Hide HUD” from the Game Settings, removing all interface elements from the screen for an immersive experience.

Quality of Life Improvements and Optimization

  • Skill Tree: adapted the font size and the skill costs to make it more readable.
  • Improved performance in Tower of Reality significantly.
  • Ultra Graphic Mode: improved shadow quality.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed several crashes happening while using Oru’s Gun on the PS5.
  • Fixed several crashes on console saves.
  • Fixed several crashes related to dialogs and missions (all Platforms).
  • Fixed Anatok’s Diaries - all 33 Anatok’s Diaries can now be collected.
  • Removed Quality/Performance selection mode on Xbox Series S.
  • Fixed various environment issues.
  • Fixed NPC being stuck inside walls or the ground.
  • Fixed various localization issues including as-recs, non-localized voice-overs, facial animations, and overflowing texts.
  • Fixed various dialog issues (context and logic).
  • Fixed a bug where saves were getting corrupted.
  • Fixed auto-save issues - the game auto-saves more regularly and auto-saves triggered by dialogs launching missions always happen.
  • Fixed various Game Credits issues including a bug preventing specific entries from displaying in the end game credits, missing contributors, and typos.
  • Fixed status update of Base SAN-1S - the status is updated to “done” when all the chests are open.
  • Fixed several Gork Eruptions creatures spawning points position.
  • Fixed the achievement “The things you own end up owning you” - the achievement will unlock without having to unequip the modules from the weapons.
  • Fixed the achievement “Kitchen Nightmare” - launching the game will unlock the achievement if all the recipes have already been purchased.
  • Fixed the achievement “You want fear? I’m the fear” - launching the game will unlock the achievement if all 30 Outposts have been neutralized.
  • Fixed a bug when restarting side activities or instantiated missions during the loading fade-out.
  • Fixed dialog camera (Zaleb in Sappa).
  • Fixed Bases guidance status - the relevant information now displays when hovering on Bases in the Quest Map.
  • Fixed keyboard mapping - players no longer need to restart the game to have their mapping applied.
  • Fixed soft-lock issue during the “Find the Artifact” mission.