AEW Fight Forever - Pre-release FAQ

This is the official pre-launch FAQ for AEW Fight Forever. Although numbered, the questions are in no particular order.

General questions:

  1. What time will the game release (midnight release or other)?
  2. When does the review embargo lift and will we see reviews before pre-order chance runs out?
    • The review embargo drops this Wednesday, June 28th for both streamers and reviews, so you will get to see plenty of content ahead of time.
  3. Is the Elite edition available for physical copies?
    • No, the Elite Edition is only a digital option.
  4. Which platforms are participating in the 24 hour early access of the Elite Edition.
    • The 24 hour early access is available for the following platforms and launches on June 28 at 6am PDT/9am EDT/1pm GMT/2pm BST/3pm CEST etc.:
      • Sony PlayStation 5 and Sony PlayStation 4
      • Microsoft Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One
  5. Will Matt Hardy be available to all players post launch? If so, will it only be for a limited time?
    • This DLC will be released on release day June 29.
  6. If I pre-order the PS5 version, will I also get the PS4 version at release and vice versa?
    • You can upgrade a PS4 to a PS5 version, yes, but not the other way round.
  7. Will the game be available on Epic and GOG?
    • No, the game will be on Steam only for the time being.
  8. Will the game be available on other platforms such as Xbox Gamepass, GeForce Now, EA Play or Microsoft Store for PC?
    • Not planned for now.
  9. Will the music in-game be streamable or is there a risk for CCs to receive copyright strikes?
    • Creators should avoid capturing/uploading/streaming content that includes the game intro trailer, road to elite trailer and below list of talents' licensed intro music
      • Chris Jericho
      • Bryan Danielson
      • Orange Cassidy
      • Jungle Boy
      • CM Punk
      • The Hardys
    • DISCLAIMER: It should be noted that there are options to mute the music for these entrances in-game.
  10. I am a content creator/member of the press–where can I get a review copy?

Technical questions:

  1. Which engine is used for creating AEW: Fight Forever?
    • Unreal 4 Engine.
  2. Will a permanent internet connection be needed to play?
    • Only if you want to play online. :)
  3. Will the game be moddable? If so, will Yukes/THQ Nordic provide modding tools?
    • The game has a strong customization mode, therefore THQN/AEW does not officially support modding.
  4. Will the game have cross play between consoles and PC?
    • We don't support cross-play between different consoles and PC. There is cross generation, which means PS4 can play with PS5 and Xbox Series S/X can play with Xbox One.
  5. Will the game have cross play between different PC platforms (i.e. Steam/Epic/GOG)?
    • The game is only available on Steam for now.
  6. How many players can play at the same time (e.g. in Casino Battle Royal)?
    • Four players
  7. Will there be ultrawide support or a FoV slider?
    • No.
  8. What requirements does the game have?
  9. Will the game have VR support?
    • No, there won't be VR support.
  10. Will the game be available for Linux/Mac systems?
    • There is no support for Linux/Mac at this point.
  11. Will AEW have dedicated servers? How is the multiplayer structured?
    • The multiplayer connection is peer to peer.
  12. Will there be graphics settings for the console versions like a framerate, quality, or resolution mode?
    • No
  13. Is Steam Deck supported?
    • We are working on getting the Steam Deck verification shortly.

Content questions:

  1. Is there gonna be local/couch multiplayer? 
    • Yes, local/couch multiplayer is included.
  2. Will content be added post launch? If so, will there be roadmaps?
    • We already have a kind of roadmap which is highlighted through the Season Pass/Elite Edition. But there is more to come. :)
  3. Can you play with a friend against the AI?
    • Yes.
  4. Will new match types be added after release?
    • There is more to come. :)
  5. Can blood be turned off?
    • Yes.
  6. Can each wrestler overall be customized?
    • Yes, custom wrestlers have a lot of freedom in this area and official wrestlers are within reason of the AEW world.
  7. Can you use custom wrestlers in the Road To Elite?
    • Yes and RTE helps you to skill your custom wrestler.
  8. Are there full entrances?
    • No, we have shortened entrances.
  9. Will we be able to customize the roster’s attire?
    • Yes.
  10. Will wrestlers have their regular theme songs or will they be changed by copyright theme for AEW versions?
    • They have their official AEW theme songs.
  11. Is there an option to create custom matches?
    • No.
  12. Will there be an Insane / Extra Hard difficulty setting on release?
    • We have different difficulty levels for AI controlled bots.
  13. Will there be achievements on all platforms?
    • With the exception of the Nintendo Switch, yes.
  14. What localizations will be available? Is there any chance of more languages being added down the line?
    • Full Audio: English
    • Subtitles and Interface: English, French, German, Spanish - Spain, Portuguese - Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Japanese. Traditional Chinese is planned for one of the first patches.
  15. Can championships be defended online?
    • Championships cannot be defended online, but can be defended in offline game modes. For online matches, you can improve your Player Ranking by winning matches. There are leaderboards for each season, and any players currently in the top 100 of the Player Ranking leaderboard of their platform will earn the rank of “Legend.” 
  16. Does AEW: Fight Forever have championship matches in Exhibition?
    • Yes, Exhibition supports championship matches. If your selected wrestler is a champion, the match will be a championship match by default. This can be changed in Options at the character select screen prior to starting the match. 
  17. Is there a limit to how many Custom Wrestlers I can have saved at once?
    • Up to 100 Custom Wrestlers can be saved at once.