All Aboard the Crazy Train: THQ Nordic is attending PAX East 2023!

Vienna/Austria, March 20th, 2023: We are finally coming back to the US! This year, THQ Nordic is attending PAX East, showing 5 different games on a total of 45 stations including Alone in the Dark, Outcast 2, Tempest Rising, Wreckreation, and a completely new title! Players who want to be part of our World Premiere in Boston can get a first exclusive hands-on experience and play the still unannounced game, only at the THQ Nordic booth!

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PAX East Lineup on YouTube:
THQ Nordic PAX East Press Kit:

THQ Nordic's playable games at PAX East, Booth 16019
- Alone in the Dark
- Tempest Rising
- Wreckreation
- Outcast 2 - A New Beginning
- Unannounced Train Project