Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed - Update released on all platforms

Builds on all platforms have been updated to the following version numbers:

  • PC: 1.0.393
  • PS5: 1.0.26
  • XSX: 1.0.394

Patch Notes:

All platforms:

  • The controller layout for the saucer has now correct information
  • Fixed issues when the second player joins whilst the first player is in the saucer
  • Fixed that the mission “Space 1969” could not be finished when the player respawned during the last objective
  • Fixed Natalya’s NPC behavior during “You Only Live 137 Times” mission 
  • Fixed multiple collision issues in Takoshima
  • Fixed the low height limit for the Saucer in Solaris
  • Fixed collisions on the moon rovers
  • Fixed the camera posts disappearing in “On Natalya’s Secret Service”
  • Fixed crashes about the Photo Mode
  • Fixed the Blisk mutants getting stuck outside the gameplay area during the mission “Le Femme Natalya”
  • Fixed unwanted controller feedback when using PK slam on NPC’s
  • Fixed some issues with the traffic system


  • Bodysnatch and Bodysnatch cancel is now again triggered with the same key (default: F)
  • Added some more keybinding options:
    • Cloak
    • Dismiss Tutorial
    • Expand Tutorial
    • Open Map
    • Player Facing Cheats
  • The following issue will remain:
    • On PC, certain rare Nvidia hardware/software configurations may experience a persistent issue causing the game to crash: We are currently investigating this with Nvidia.


  • Fixed an issue where the game progress was lost when pressing the “PS” home button from the controller and resuming the game from the Activities menu.
  • Fixed a crash whilst collecting a second code during the “Our Man Crypto” mission

Xbox Series S|X-specific:

  • Fixed several crashes
  • The “Pass with Notes” crash in the attached previous pass note is also fixed: 
    • The title crashes to the Xbox Home screen when proceeding into a Match after completing a session in the Duel mode.
  • According to what we could deduct, this would take care of some of the crashes reported by MS today, but not all.