Destroy All Humans - Update for PS4/XB1

Today at 3pm CEST we deployed a patch for Destroy All Humans!

XboxOne –
PS4 (EU/US) – 1.05
PS4 (JP) – 1.02


Here is the changelog:

- Fixed a showstopper related to savegames at certain checkpoints
- Fixed rare crashes, and a few cases of edge-case “black screen” situations
- Fixed a few audio issues, added music to the Turnipseed Farm open world
- Fixed rare cases of holobob cancelling when holobob target despawns or is killed via an explosion. Now the ability will continue as it should even if the Holobob target is despawned; and explosions will no longer harm the holobobbed human
- Fixed some unlocking issues for skins
- Fixed an issue where “New Artwork” unlocked would show at missions ends even if there wasn’t a new Artwork unlock