Fade to Silence – A New "Hope“

Survival Game gets first out of four major updates during Steam Early Access

Vienna/AUSTRIA, Offenburg/Germany, January 31, 2018: Black Forest Games has listened closely to the feedback and discussions of the community (and will of course continue to do so); they decided to address the difficulty of the game. With today‘s "Hope“ update - the first of the four announced major updates - the developers not only added a big overhaul to the weather effects, but also the first part of their so-called "catch-up mechanism“.

The catch-up mechanism is a system which allows players to collect special shards that increase their abilities, even after you have lost all six lives and have to start over.

Catch-up Mechanism in Fade To Silence
Aim: Let the player catch up more quickly if they lose their last life and have to start over again.

Means to achieve goal: Permadeath Mitigation Collectables that are placed in the world by level design. These collectables can be found within containers as well as in the “wild”

There are four types. Each type corresponds to one of the following stats: Stamina / HP = Hitpoints / Hunger / Cold

After having collected a certain number of collectables of a specific type, an arbitrary bonus of the corresponding type is permanently awarded to the player. The permanent bonuses persist even after permadeath. Starting a new game doesn’t reset those bonuses. Each permadeath mitigation collectable can only be collected once.

Improved the weather effects across the game. Goal is to increase player immersion. It also serves to mitigate some of the performance issues.

In case you are interested in more insight to the "Hope Update“, watch the ninth episode of the „BFG Unlocked“ vlog, where the devs talk about how they implement community feedback and show a little insight into the technical side of the new weather effects.

SIX-LIVES - "BFG Unlocked" Episode 9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np4WGeXbKj0

The next major update will follow in February and will feature a lot of new content. Make sure to stay tuned in the Steam forums (http://steamcommunity.com/app/706020/discussions/), on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/fadetosilencegame/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/BlackForestTeam).

About Fade to Silence
In Fade to Silence, players take on the role of Ash, a natural leader forced to battle the elements and eldritch monsters in a post-apocalyptic environment blanketed in #EndlessWinter.

Fade to Silence Official Website: https://fadetosilence.com/

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