Free Content Update 1.4 for Jagged Alliance 3 is live

The Free Content Update 1.4 for Jagged Alliance 3 is now live on PC and consoles!



  • Added a major mid- to late-game quest - "U-Bahn" with new maps and items.
  • (community suggestion) Train Mercs operation now allows a single merc to practice on their own. The process is significantly slower and can't increase a stat above 80.
  • (community suggestion) Players can now select multiple items in the inventory and perform certain actions with all (Scrap all, Drop All, etc).
  • (community suggestion) Filters introduced to Sector Stash and Squad Inventory UI.
  • Conflict Panel reworked to give more information on the combatants and environment.
  • Added hospitals in Port Cacao City (L8) and Ille Morat (D17).
  • Sangoma and Witch wound treatment operations brought more in line with the hospital treatment.
  • Scouting is faster and awards XP if a merc takes wounds during the scouting. Frequency of special outcomes when scouting reduced slightly.
  • Saved progress for Scouting or Militia Training in a sector is now visible in the operations window.
  • (community suggestion) Players can now choose an arrival sector for their IMP merc.
  • (community suggestion) When starting combat from stealth you can now choose the attack mode (semi, burst, auto).
  • (PC only) Manage Squad default hotkey changed from to "Ctrl+M" since both it and Take cover were using "J".
  • Misc smaller bug fixes and optimizations