Patch 1 for Gothic II Complete Classic (NSW) is live

We just updated Gothic


[ Technical ]

=== Fixes ===

  • Fixes for crashes when exiting Xardas tower after staying there for more than 10 minutes
  • Various crashes fixed
  • UI: Weapons can be multiplied by exploiting the stacking system (Fixed) (#141733)
  • UI: The Nameless Hero cannot enter unarmed combat mode while holding a torch (Fixed) (#139571)
  • UI: User is unable to view motions in the Motion Control menu
  • Input: Bow mode fixes
  • Quick fix for damaged saves in list
  • Smooth normals of world
  • Added check to (font) Load for when specname is empty
  • Title freezes when using a powerful mass AoE Rune near Daron in Khorinis
  • Fog fixes
  • Fix undraw weapon sound

=== Improvements ===

  • Shadow Rendering improvement

[ Scripts ]

  • Angar's alternate "How are you?" dialogue will now be available after defeating the Undead Dragon.
  • Esteban now has the key to the chest behind him in his inventory.
  • Fixed a model error, due to which the chainmal coif wouldn't appear on the Light Dragon Hunter's Armor.
  • Fixed a potential bug where story and quest events wouldn't be triggered if an enemy died to an Ice Block spell. Additionally, it is no longer possible to steal runes from frozen Seekers.
  • Fixed an issue involving Lares in Chapter 3.
  • Fixed mistimed routine assignments of several NPCs.
  • Fixed several instances where a dialogue would not terminate dialogue-mode due to a scripting oversight.
  • Fixed several problems and glitches related to sheep detection when bringing an offering to Pedro (and later Opolos) in the Monastery. Additionally, the dialogue should no longer glitch out if you don't have enough gold.
  • It is no longer possible to steal the old coins back after selling them to Wasili.
  • NPCs should no longer begin to attack the player after the penalty for a crime is paid.
  • NPCs wearing the Medium Dragon Hunter's Armor now have a correctly textured neck.
  • Restored unused voicelines for when the player talks to a victim of his crimes after paying a fine.
  • Serpentes will no longer reprimand you if you refuse the "Forged Mine Shares" quest as a Mercenary or Dragon Hunter.
  • The Ice Block spell will now correctly leave the opponent at 1 HP, as was originally intended.
  • The Light Miltia Armor now hangs in the barracks instead of the old Guard Armor.
  • The helmet of the Heavy Dragon Hunter's Armor now has blades, which were missing due to a model error.
  • You can no longer ask Mika to help you with Akil's bandits multiple times in a row, causing an infinite XP exploit.