Photo Mode, New Game+, and much more: A new patch for Alone in the Dark is now live!

A new patch for Alone in the Dark is now live, adding Photo Mode, New Game+, a fix for the "Nobody knows what happened" achievement bug and much more.

New Features
•    Added Photo Mode
•    Added "New Game +" available after finishing the campaign once
o    Start the game with all weapons unlocked
o    Completely overhauled balance with more and tougher enemies
o    Some additional gameplay-events and scares
o    New, alternative intro

Critical Bugs Fixed
•    Fixed black screen when solving attic puzzle after loading save made in attic.
•    Fixed achievement bug "Nobody knows what happened"
•    Fixed a large number of potential crashes and bugs related to audio issues
•    Fixed missing keychain in French Quarter 1 after Save/Load
•    Added fixes to avoid potential softlocks:
o    Door to from Spiral Staircase to Grand Parlor to avoid soft lock when transitioning to Taroella
o    Made sure the Parlor to conservatory door always in unlocked in Chapter 4
o    Fixed an issue where the door between Grand Parlor and Spiral Stairs was locked in Chapter 4
o    Fixed save issues with boiler valve
o    Fixed an issue where the camera in Ruth's room was not interactable when playing as Emily; preventing the player from proceeding to Warphoto
o    Fixed an issue where loading an autosave in chapter 4 made the player lose key items (contract and dagger)
•    Fixed more than 90 collision issues that could make the player get stuck in environments

Quality of Life Features
•    Added two additional save slots for the last autosaves
•    Added tutorial popup for examination view. 
•    Add contextual dodge tutorial for when you have been in combat but not dodged for a while
•    Melee tutorial will now also display if player is already in combat state upon picking up weapon.
•    Added new icons for molotovs & brick throwable opportunities
•    Added camera keyboard controls to the rebinding menu
•    Split map and lagniappe tutorial messages into separate strings to better fit the screen.

Combat improvements
•    Fixed wrong hitreactions playing for Steamboat Creature in some occasions
•    Updated Cemetery Creature to be more responsive to damage received
•    Disabled dismemberment on already dead creatures. Now only triggers on the killing hit.
•    Updated Emily's combat animations to allow her to blend out of the animations earlier (eg. getting player input control back much sooner)
•    Trimmed and sped up many of Emily's hitreactions to feel more direct and responsive
•    The player can no longer switch weapon while suicidal (Dark Man)
•    Tweaked Edward's heavy hitreactions so the player is allowed to regain input control sooner (smaller chance of stunlock)
•    Improved Edward's melee swing arcs to hit so they hit enemies more consistently
•    Decreased combat exit wait timer to not have the music played for too long after combat is finished

Other gameplay improvements
•    Talisman: Increased the amount of time the player can look at the talisman when completing a puzzle to see all three pictures
•    Updated Talisman pickup animations and sequence for both Edward and Emily
•    Added bark for picking up the mummified cat lagniappe
•    Added/adjusted various barks in Chapter 2 Derceto (pickups & puzzles)
•    Added sound when trying to pick up max stack item
•    Removed enemies that have not been killed in the warehouse fight if we reach the show room building and load a save
•    Made sure the warehouse event cannot be retriggered after loading a save
•    Boiler Valve Puzzle: Made sure the player can't interact with the puzzle when taking damage of the steam.
•    Added fog and disabled the traversal to avoid backtracking down to the sewers in Gallatin street
•    Added bark to noticing Cassandra's crime scene in the basement of spiral stair case
•    Updated player character's "Awe" Reaction (used upon entering convent library)
•    Added various instances of force feedback on controllers
o    Added proximity force feedback to active Dark Man
o    Added force feedback when landing on the ground after jumping down
o    Added small force feedback on player death
o    Added force feedback to transition to various game events (Steamboat storm event, cemetery, dead clerk in Derceto, crypt flicker anomaly, temple collapse) 
o    Added force feedback to grapple
o    Added force feedback to unlocking doors with key
o    Added force feedback to unbolting doors
o    Added force feedback when trying to interact with a bolted or permanent locked door
o    Add small force feedback when picking up consumables
o    Added force feedback to walking in maggot piles
o    Added force feedback on tackling doors open for single and double doors
o    Added force feedback to resistance walk
•    Added save logic to the "Jack in the box" - lagniappe to ensure you can only pick it up once.
•    Added new plank walkway in Gallatin street dock area
•    Allowing the player to triggering Edward's hidden ending in chapter 4
•    Removed bark after climbing down ladder to crypt after plaza fight in cemetery
•    Small audio improvements to cutscenes
•    Added non-diegetic "boom" sound when an enemy is dismembered

Visual Improvements
•    Updated size of objectives in the menu
•    Tweaks and improvements to level visual guidance
•    Tweaks and improvements to level lighting
•    Added LODs to Edwards Ghost models
•    Updated various animations (Combat, Gun Handling, characters reaching out to rails)
•    Optimized interaction HUD
•    Various updated textures
•    Updated various meshes and UI elements for multiple key items (Sitting Room Key, Stevedore's Key, Kitchen Garden Key, Edward's Desk Key, Jetty Key)
•    Updated UI for Batistes Keychain to only feature 3 keys
•    Adjusted and added keys to both versions of Johnny the Conqueror cutscenes to match with the amount of keys you actually get
•    Decreased lens frost intensity
•    Added dust trail to car in intro cutscene
•    Polished lighting of the final boss area and added more animations
•    Improved mirror reflections
•    Edited the jacket joints in Emily sneak animations to fix most of the clipping between the jacket and her skirt.
•    Removed some missed full body dismemberment effects
•    Updated setdressing for better visibility in the voodoo courtyard in French Quarter 1
•    Added a minor set of vines outside of voodoo drugstore in French Quarter 1
•    Updated water drop shader and fixed many areas in the game with water effects to work with the change. 
•    Updated Emily banter animations to fix sync issue between animation and sound.
•    Added blood splatter decal to rock crushing cemetery creature in temple escape sequence
•    Fixed issue with part of Edward's hair going invisible when far away
•    Reduced flickering issues of cloth in windy conditions
•    Improved visual quality of 8bit filter
•    Updated Power of the Verb UI to better match the description
•    Fix for player character having frost effect on clothes during confronting the Dark Man

•    Improved Lighting in various cutscenes, improving performance
•    Added preload component to cemetery corridor transition to reduce texture pop-ins.
•    Several small visual fixes and improvements (reflections, lights)
•    Several bug fixes to art assets improving overall performance
•    Removed preloading of Arctic levels to reduce stutter and lag in final Gray's Apt sequence.
•    Simplified fmod events for performance improvements

Steam Deck
•    Added default video settings specifically for the steam deck
•    Steamdeck ui support
•    Steam Deck Icons resized
•    Steam Deck Controller icons added
•    Made the keybinding option hidden when playing on a steam deck

•    Boosted enemy health on hard difficulty and removed consumables
•    Boosted the health of the steamboat creature
•    Added new checkpoint in French Quarter 3 just before flooded section
•    Added destructible weapons in French Quarter 3 to flooded area
•    Updated weapon pickup in Cryptflicker Anomaly
•    Added weapon drop spot to Dead Clerk Anomaly
•    Increased chances of loot spawning, avoiding the possibility of empty containers.
•    Healing flasks now change the healing amount based on difficulty.
•    Added melee weapon pickups and dropspots to Derceto
•    OilyRoom anomaly: Added melee weapons.
•    Added support for flare gun ammo in dynamic pickups
•    Spawning of consumables due to empty containers now takes the current difficulty into account when calculating health flask spawn rate
•    Moved pickups in chapter 5 from bossfight gameplay to regular gameplay

Additional Bugfixes and Optimization
•    Fixed noir and 8bit filters being wrongly displayed with enabled HDR
•    Fixed bug where flare gun ammo is over Revolver/Remington after loading a save
•    Fixed the menu so the options for dlss and dlaa are not enabled if dlss is not supported
•    Fixed bug with subtitle size reset after game start
•    Fixed an issue when binding an action to a key that is already bound. Now the old binding will get properly unbound and saved.
•    Fixed an issue of players getting stuck while opening lockers in Oil Rig
•    Fixed an issue of the "I abandoned him" achievement being possible to unlock early.
•    Fixed an issue where it was possible to see the Mound Beast despawn in Oil Rig
•    Updated credits and fixed spelling errors
•    Disabled Flare Gun when Dark Man is active to avoid letting the player setting him on fire.
•    Added timeout checks to avoid weapons getting stuck mid reload animation
•    Fixed credits music not playing
•    Removed duplicate save key of drowning disaster door to prevent the mansion door to be locked after loading a save
•    Attic Puzzle: Added logic to add the item needed to continue the puzzle, if the player has already put it in the puzzle and the puzzle was reset.
•    Gray's Apartment Checkpoint: Retimed when the save occurs to minimize the risk of the player getting stuck in when loading the autosave.
•    Fixed a VO line in a cutscene not playing and multiple VO lines getting delayed
•    Fixed weapon-fire audio getting sidechained (volume lowered) when shooting certain enemies
•    Disabled checkpoints in chapter 4 to fix a bug where player could get softlocked in funnel when loading autosave.
•    Fixed a bug where a molotov by the plaza in the cemetery could not be reached
•    Attic Statuette Puzzle: Fixed an issue with the images in the talisman snapping out of focus.
•    Chapter 2: Piazza door is now deactivated in CryptFlicker anomaly.
•    Chapter 4: Funnel doors fixed in Gray's hallway.
•    Moved up interaction icon on False book in Gray's office that was sometimes impossible to reach
•    Fixed an issue where player got stuck when loading save in chapter 5
•    Fixed the falling rock after chase event in cemetery
•    Fixing issue with being unable to trigger a hidden ending
•    Fixed multiple minor bugs that all would lead to ragdoll stopping immediately (most prevalent on loaded save game)
•    UI fix for puzzle Dual Cemetery Medallions: move marker input hints was set to incorrect axis (left/right instead of up/down)
•    Fixed bug where NPC dialogue would not be correctly reset upon picking up commonplace book.
•    X-Ray Puzzle: Tweaked how items are swapped to handle plates clipping through it while moving the item there.
•    Solved issue with player character shadow disappearing when the character gets too close to the camera