Ukraine and THQ Nordic's (+ its studios') activities in the past 15 months

On February 24, 2022, the world was shocked when Russian forces invaded Ukraine, violating its sovereignty, and sparking a conflict that has caused immense suffering for countless innocent civilians. The conflict has also had far-reaching consequences beyond Ukraine's borders, as people have fled to neighbouring countries in search of safety.

Vienna, Austria, where THQ Nordic is headquartered, has become one of the cities that has welcomed those seeking refuge from the conflict. As a responsible corporate citizen, THQ Nordic and its employees took swift and enduring action to support those who were forced to flee their homes due to this conflict.

Over the past year, THQ Nordic together with 15 of its studios across Europe, has been directly supporting 113 individuals affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We rented apartments to ensure that these individuals had a safe and comfortable place to live, bought furniture, paid utility and insurance bills and negotiated with authorities about their official status as refugees.

Moreover, we assisted in job searches and negotiated job offers, found kindergartens and other educational facilities, organized language courses to help these individuals integrate into their new communities. As of the time of writing, 45 of the individuals have moved on to start new lives, with some emigrating to Canada with permanent visas, others relocating to Sweden, Germany, or elsewhere in Austria, and some moving on to homes of relatives in Italy.

The group has invested approximately EUR 498.000 in aid to these individuals, working directly with them without any intermediary to avoid bureaucratic inefficiencies. 

We would like to thank all dedicated and heavily involved individuals at THQ Nordic, as well as everyone from our participating studios: 
Mirage Game Studios AB, Black Forest Games GmbH, Pieces Interactive AB, Experiment 101 AB, GmbH, Bugbear Entertainment Oy, Piranha Bytes GmbH, Alkimia Interactive S.L., Nine Rocks Games s.r.o., Pow Wow Entertainment GmbH, Ashborne Games s.r.o., Purple Lamp GmbH, KAIKO GmbH, Massive Miniteam GmbH, metricminds GmbH...