Way of the Hunter - Hunting Season One (Physical Edition only) out now!

Today marks the release of the complete physical edition of Hunting Season One bundle.

Way of the Hunter - Hunting Season One marks the newest addition to this fresh and authentic hunting simulation. Throughout the vast the in-game wilderness, players can fulfill their hunting fantasies. The wide world of Way of the Hunter allows you to follow the many storylines in hunting grounds all over the world, master the challenges of ethical hunting and solve intriguing cases of unethical behavior. Or venture out in free hunt, and explore the breathtaking landscapes of North America, Europe and Africa to learn about habitats, animal behavior and ultimately how to manage animal fitness in order to harvest the rarest and most impressive trophies.

This latest physical edition bundles 4 enormous hunting areas and includes agile UTVs for offroading. All of this has been enriched with the cosmetics of the Hunter's Pack: A beautifully engraved antique shotgun, a camo paintjob for the car and an impressive wooden carved statue for your Transylvania hunting lodge.

Hunting Season One includes the Standard Game as well as 4 DLCs:

  • 4 large hunting grounds: Pacific Northwest, Transylvania, Alaska and Africa
  • 45 different animal species
  • Great selection of Rifles, Crossbows, Shotguns and Bows
  • Get around in a sturdy off-road car or an agile UTV
  • Game modes: Free Hunt, Story and Co-op multiplayer
  • Manage herds and harvest the most impressive trophies to display in your hunting lodges
  • Includes the Base Game as well as the Hunter's Pack DLC: a shotgun with engravings, a paintjob for the Car, and a wooden carved mouflon statue for the lodge


Here is a sneak peek at the road that lies ahead of us:

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