Buckle up for Wreckfest's season 2, new tournament, carpack #7, and much more!

Season pass 2 is now available and gives access to four more DLCs

Vienna, AUSTRIA / Helsinki, FINLAND, September 15, 2020 - Ready, set, go! The second season of Wreckfest starts now and brings you some groovy features and changes. But see for yourself:

Season 2 trailer: https://youtu.be/-m3tAeseBNE
Download assets: http://n.thq.com/A7wq30p2Gkb

Season 2 lasts until March 2021 and brings you more free tracks, challenges, rewards, and DLC car packs. All four DLC car packs are included in the new season pass 2, which contains 12 cars in total and is available for $ / € 12.99 (digital only). The car packs will be released step by step. PC/Steam only: Players who buy season pass 2 between September 15 and 22 will get a 10% launch discount.

September Tournament Update - GETAWAY HEAT
Get the ROCKET RX in the new free September Tournament! The scene is a city downtown, with high-rise buildings around the player between which the streets zig-zag.

Free for all
All players get free new tracks with every DLC release. Also, a new tournament will launch every couple of weeks until the end of season 2.

Price Reductions
The new Wreckfest Complete Edition replaces the previous Deluxe Edition in all digital stores. It contains the base game as well as season 1 & 2 and is available now for € / $ 49.99 (digital only).

Moreover the SKUs of the follwing products are reduced permanently:
Base game: €/$ 29.99 (was 39.99)
Season pass 1: €/$ 14.99 (was 22.99)

New Patch
New content, tournament, bug fixes and more! Find the full patch notes here.

Season Pass 2 Store Links
Steam: http://n.thq.com/1OE730r9VCi
Xbox One™: http://n.thq.com/UfGL30r9VCn
PlayStation®4 EU: http://n.thq.com/NlN930r9VCt
PlayStation®4 US: http://n.thq.com/PgoB30r9VCu
PlayStation®4 JP: http://n.thq.com/VbqA30r9VCL


Car Pack #7 aka the Getaway Car Pack is out today

The first DLC of Season 2 expands your garage with a unique car chase pack! The Getaway Car Pack is now available for €/$ 3.99.

  • Bullet: This classic american muscle car oozes with pure power and strength, and is a perfect getaway car
  • Razor: One of the finest tuner cars, very agile and super fast on twisty tracks.
  • Cardinal: This former state official car with a reinforced body is ideal for the toughest car chases!

The Getaway Car Pack is the seventh Car Pack and part of season pass 2, which includes 12 new cars, spread across four DLCs. This new content will be released step by step.