Crypto-137 Ain't Done Yet: Destroy All Humans! Is 50% Off in Midweek Madness Deal

Vienna/Austria, Offenburg/Germany, February 23rd, 2021: "Crypto, report to the mothership immediately! We have an extraordinary situation: The humans are celebrating a festival called "Midweek Madness" on a secret digital platform called "Steam". And you know what they did? They dared to cut our price in half! Such insolence! Now they're paying more for fast-food than for our advanced Furon technology. We have to retaliate quickly and DESTROY ALL HUMANS!"

Yes, fellow human beings, that's right. Destroy All Humans! is available from February 23rd (starting 10 AM PST) until February 26th at an all-time low price of 50% off. Check it out here:

But there's one more thing: We have a new accolades trailer ready for you and we highly encourage you to watch it till the very end ... there might a little surprise be waiting.

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