Back For Good: THQ Nordic Will Be At gamescom 2024!

Vienna/Austria, June 13th, 2024: Whatever we said, whatever we did - we didn't mean it, we will be back for good! We are thrilled to announce that after a year of absence, THQ Nordic is making a grand return to Cologne for gamescom 2024.

The best things come in threes: MX vs ATV Legends Season 3 starts today!

Montreal, Canada / Vienna, Austria, May 21, 2024: Season 3 of MX vs ATV Legends launches out of the starting gate today, promising an array of fantastic new features on the horizon.

Clothes Make The Hunter: New Outfits DLC and Update For Way of The Hunter

Bratislava, Slovakia / Vienna, Austria - May 16, 2024: Time to hunt in style - the new Outfits Pack DLC is available now. Explore the wilderness in the attire of a traditional Slovak hunter or a distinguished gentleman!

Way of the Hunter - Patch 1.25.2

Paid DLC:

  • Outfits Pack
    • An alternative cosmetic look for River, Jackie, April, Wallace, and Malachi (available in Story mode, Free Hunt, and Multiplayer)


Why Get One If You Can Have Two? Gothic Classic Khorinis Saga Coming to Nintendo Switch in June

Vienna/Austria - May 07th, 2024: Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey to the mystical island of Khorinis, where two of the most beloved RPGs of all time await your discovery.

Let's Get Mythical, Mythical: A Closer Look at The Fantastic Creatures of Titan Quest II

Munich, Germany / Vienna, Austria - April 30, 2024: Combat is an integral aspect of every ARPG, and Titan Quest II is no exception. It's not just how you fight that matters, but also who or what you're fighting against.

This is (S)witchcraft: Biomutant Unveils Unedited Gameplay Ahead of May 14th Launch, Featuring Strong Pre-Order Discount

Vienna/Austria, April 26th, 2024: Post-apocalyptic Wung-Fu Fable RPG Biomutant is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 14, 2024. To give players a glimpse of the action, unedited gameplay footage has been released.

Sleeper, Sleeper On the Wall, Who Has the Fairest Collector's Edition Of All?

Barcelona, Spain / Vienna, Austria, April 25th, 2024: It's time to put the sleeper to rest, once and for all - on your wall.

Free SpellForce: Conquest of Eo Patch Unleashes Creativity and Customization With Mod-Support

Vienna, Austria, April 10th, 2024: The latest patch for SpellForce: Conquest of Eo isn't just about fixes and tweaks; it's a journey into customization and creativity.

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo Patchnotes Update 15


  • You can now create MODS for the game. This allows you to change a wide variety of settings and numbers to change the way the game works.

Outcast - A New Beginning is Now Available, Returning Players to the Spectacular World of Adelpha

Vienna, Austria / Charleroi, Belgium - March 15, 2024: Two decades after the groundbreaking release of Outcast, the beloved action-adventure franchise returns with Outcast - A New Beginning, releasing today! Players once again dive into the mesmerizing, interconnected alien world of Adelpha.

Game Director Pablo Coma talks about Outcast – A New Beginning in Today’s New Trailer!

Vienna, Austria / Charleroi, Belgium - March 8, 2024: Today, Pablo Coma, Game Director of Outcast - A New Beginning, takes you on a deep dive and talks about the beautiful, interconnected world of Adelpha.

THIS IS SPARTA! Upcoming ARPG Titan Quest II Details Legendary City-State in Latest Dev Diary

Munich, Germany / Vienna, Austria - March 8, 2024: Ah, Sparta! Home to the finest warriors in all of ancient Greece, a marvel of a city, a true superpower on the Peloponnesian Peninsula, protected by its mighty city walls... wait a second. Wasn't Sparta famous for its walls being its army only?



Fight Forever Roster Expansion Continues Along with New Skin and Attire Options as Part of Season 3

May the Fourteenth Be With You: Biomutant Releases On Nintendo Switch May 14, 2024

Vienna/Austria, February 29th, 2024: Finally, we have a release date!

Descend into the madness with this NEW trailer for Alone in the Dark!

Skövde, Sweden / Vienna, Austria - February 28, 2024: Descend into the madness of Alone in the Dark as you meet the residents of Derceto Manor in this brand-new trailer! Watch the new trailer here:

Embark on a magical adventure in Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed – an enhanced remake of the 2010 classic!

Vienna, Austria, February 21, 2024: THQ Nordic today announced that Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, a faithful remake of the beloved classic adventure, is being developed by Purple Lamp in collaboration with Disney Games.

How to Save A World in 60 Seconds: New Trailer for Upcoming Open-World Action-Adventure Outcast - A New Beginning

Vienna, Austria / Charleroi, Belgium - February 21, 2024: Do you have 60 seconds to spare?

Let Cutter Be Your Valentine: Discover The Lovely Planet of Adelpha Today With Outcast - A New Beginning's Demo

Vienna, Austria / Charleroi, Belgium - February 14, 2024: Today, we invite you to dive into the Outcast - A New Beginning demo, available on both PC and consoles. Experience firsthand the thrill of soaring through Adelpha's skies with your jetpack or confronting giant mechs on the ground.

New DLC Demon Scourge for SpellForce: Conquest of Eo is out now!

Vienna, Austria, February 13, 2024: A new threat rises in Demon Scourge, the new expansion for the ever-changing turn-based strategy game SpellForce: Conquest of Eo and it's out today!