It's A Wonderful Mixworld: Wreckreation Showcases a Universe of Construction

Petersfield, England / Vienna, Austria, August 11th 2023: At times, a project can escalate far beyond the initial expectations. Such is the case in the latest Wreckreation trailer, where a group of friends embarked on building a racing track, and things spiraled into something grander than they imagined. What they've crafted is a colossal, fantastical, and wonderfully eccentric track, showcasing in Wreckreation that the sole boundary is the reach of your imagination!

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Crafted by the racing-game masterminds at Three Fields Entertainment, a powerhouse team with the brilliant minds behind the Burnout and Need for Speed series, Wreckreation emerges as the definitive open-world sandbox, tailored to fulfill the dreams of both driving aficionados and racing enthusiasts. This is more than just a game; it's a canvas where you can either forge an entire universe solo or collaborate with your comrades in the virtual realm.

As we eagerly await its arrival, Wreckreation is currently under meticulous development for PC and consoles, with the finish line drawing nearer with each passing day.