Legal Alien: Explore, Expand and... Sell Planets in Space for Sale!

Karlstadt, Sweden / Vienna, Austria, August 11th, 2023: A mysterious planet, far, far away. Home to strange wildlife and weird creatures - it's the ideal place to make a fortune! As an intergalactic property developer, your mission is to construct habitats for eccentric alien clients! In Space for Sale, the housing market is all about location, location, location - so venture out to discover the wonders scattered throughout your solar system, and more importantly, try to turn them into sweet profit. 

Explore different planets, build and develop an infrastructure and make sure, you meet your client's expectations. Do you fancy teamwork? No problem, Space for Sale offers a 2-player co-op mode - you can adventure together! 

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The game is currently in development for PC by Mirage Game Studios in Sweden, renowned for their work on Little Big Workshop.

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