Mac It Happen: Open World Science-Fantasy RPG ELEX II Is Now Available for Mac

Essen, Germany / Vienna, Austria - August 16th, 2023: After achieving remarkable success with its debut on Windows PC and consoles, Piranha Bytes proudly unveils the grand arrival of ELEX II, the highly ambitious Science-Fantasy-RPG, now accessible to Mac users. Adventure awaits on the Mac App Store as ELEX II takes its place among pioneering titles that wholeheartedly embrace GPU-driven pipelines through the innovative Indirect Command Buffer (ICB) methodology on the Mac platform. Furthermore, ELEX II stands tall as one of the privileged few games featuring shaders meticulously optimized for the Metal shading language, showcasing the pinnacle of gaming optimization. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on this extraordinary journey – ELEX II is available now!

Check out the new release trailer:

ELEX II beckons players into an exuberant open world brimming with exploration, where five distinct factions fight for dominance, awaiting engagement and immersion. Within the fictional realm of Magalan, a large variety of remarkable creatures and awe-inspiring panoramas unfold. Unleash your inner explorer as boundless horizons stretch before you. Every corner of the game world is yours to discover. With the aid of a jetpack, you can ascend to the spires of ancient skyscrapers or descend gracefully like a feather into the abyss of subterranean caverns. Alternatively, you can come crashing down like a wrecking ball and smite your enemies from above.

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