May the Fourteenth Be With You: Biomutant Releases On Nintendo Switch May 14, 2024

Vienna/Austria, February 29th, 2024: Finally, we have a release date! Just three years after saving the world on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic Wung-Fu fable open-world RPG, Biomutant (including its DLC), is set to make its debut on Nintendo Switch on May 14th, 2024.

Embark on an adventure with Biomutant's ever-evolving hero—a creature that has been likened to a raccoon, a red panda, and even a cat. Perhaps it is whatever players want to see in it. What truly sets Biomutant apart is its unique martial arts-style combat system, seamlessly blending melee, shooting, and mutant abilities for an immersive gaming experience.

Survival in Biomutant's vibrant yet perilous world demands mastery of these skills. Navigate through diverse challenges, choosing to either confront or ally with different tribes and encountering a myriad of creatures, some amicable, while others pose significant threats. Explore wild and mysterious regions, where remnants of a lost civilization are scattered, raising intriguing questions about their demise. What led to their downfall? Who were they? These questions linger, but the most pressing is: What fate awaits the current world? The power to shape its destiny lies in your paws; ultimately, you will determine whether the world thrives or succumbs.

Save the date - May 14th, 2024 - Biomutant is coming to Nintendo Switch, leveraging the Switch's unique gyro-controls and offering players a seamless open-world experience. To witness the game in action, check out the latest trailer, entirely recorded on Nintendo Switch.

Check out the launch date trailer:
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Biomutant is set to release on Nintendo Switch™ on May 14th, 2024, at a suggested retail price (SRP) of €39.99 / $39.99 / £34.99. The Mercenary-Loadout DLC is included. The game is already available for PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One™, and Xbox Series X/S.