Patch Notes 1.5

Patch 1.5.0 Features

Patch 1.5 introduces a treasure trove of powerful modding tools. The modding toolset now encompasses most of what was used during the development of the game. Additionally, we've introduced some new Game Rules that would allow for new special twists on your playthroughs and tweak the difficulty to your liking.

  • New Extensive modding tools were introduced. Create new campaigns, and quests, edit maps, and much more.
  • Lua Debug Adapter to debug your mods using Visual Studio Code while the game is running.
  • Example mods that are included in game files
  • 10 New Game rules introduced
    • Hard Lessons - Mercs level up at a slower pace.
    • Body Count - Increases the number of enemies in hostile squads.
    • Under the Weather - Severe weather effects are more common.
    • Bobby Pays - Increases the prices in the online store "Bobby Ray's Guns and Things"
    • Ammo Scarcity - Find less ammo, throwable items and explosives.
    • Heavy Wounds - Wounds also hamper Free Move and Accuracy. Affects all characters - mercs, allies and enemies.
    • Hiring Game Rules
      • A.I.M. Always Online - Mercs are never "offline" and will not refuse contracts without a good reason.
      • A.I.M. Legendary Deals - Starting salaries of all Elite and Legendary mercs are decreased.
      • A.I.M. Platinum - Unlocks legendary mercs on start (except retired mercs).
      • A.I.M. Union Rules - Mercs demand even higher salaries as they progress. Starting salaries are unaffected.
  • Fixed issue where combat wouldn’t end after defeating Siegfried
  • Fixed issue where game would softlock when trying to cheese active pause after "Combat start" sequence is initiated.
  • Fixed issues where quests would break upon death of certain NPCs.
  • Fixed issue where levelling up with XP from Scouting operation would not give a perk point.
  • Fixed issue where Inspired would not give extra action points.
  • Fixed issue where villagers would trigger alarms
  • Fixed "Enemy Repositioning" softlock on the Twin Manors quest.
  • Additional fixes and adjustments