PC Patch #3 and Console patch #2 now live


  • Several crash fixes
  • Gems in sockets can get out of stash properly now. Old version would not allow to stash an item (leave room, enter room again), take out of stash, unsocket. The socket would stay in the item and the item would start to get more and more weird.
  • The Exiles quest (part of  The Legend of Dead Kel), NPC could get stuck behind collapsed wall, fixed.
  • Fixed Supersampling graphics option on PC
  • Fixed rare case of autosave during conversation where after load you would get stuck.
  • Fix for player getting teleported behind a closed door in a cutscene in the quest Thick as Thieves 
  • Fix for rubble does not hit NPCs now hotfixed in the "Ascension" quest of the Teeth of Naros chapter
  • It was possible that 'fast travel forbidden' got stuck after certain quests.
  • PC only: Added Pak file unpacker and packer tool for modding