Update on the rework of SpellForce 3 Vanilla

Dear fellow campaigners of Eo,

As we want to continue with our open style of communication with our community going forward, we will start by informing you that the SpellForce 3 Main Game Rework will not be released in early 2021 as we all planned and hoped for.
The Rework of the SpellForce 3 Main Game is a very challenging project that is currently carried out by Grimlore’s  Quest Designers/Scripters and QA. Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply increase the team size to get there faster; in fact, adding more people to the team without prior SpellForce 3 development knowledge would hamstring our endeavors , as the new team members would require a lot of support and guidance from the current team members, who would then work less on the actual project. 

Why does it take so long, you might ask?
SpellForce 3 released in December 2017, so more than three years ago, and since then, we worked on the same code- and asset base to develop the standalone expansions Soul Harvest and Fallen God. This included many changes for example the big RTS rework (carriage removal, flying units, faction redesigns, etc.), but also many changes to the User Interface. To make the SpellForce 3 main game campaign compatible with all these changes and improvements turned out to be way more complex than we initially anticipated. To top it off, the issues that are left to fix in the campaign itself are very complicated, too, and require substantial reworks on scripts and other quest related data.

Our goal for this rework is ambitious, as we want this rework to be in its absolute best condition and we strive to deliver a version that is stability-wise at least on par with Soul Harvest or Fallen God.
We are aware that this might be disappointing for some of you and we feel ya, but in an open line of communication, we hope that you prefer an honest update, rather than stirring up hopes, so here we are. At the same time, we are also very happy that we are in such a position where we are (and were) actually capable of working on SpellForce 3 for so long after its initial release.
We do not want to just give you another potential date for the reworked main game campaign, but rather tell you that it is a matter of months, not years and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Thanks for your patience, and we really appreciate your support!

Kind regards,
The Grimlore Games and THQ Nordic Team