Wreckfest November Update

New month, new update to the game, as well as new rewards etc.


Game version
PS4: 1.70
PC: 1. 266722

- Fixed a rare case in which game might have crashed during race start.
- Duplicate upgrades are now removed from the player inventory when detected.
- Vehicle ambient occlusion now looks more correct, and is more prominent as well.
- (XB1) Changing profile when the previous profile was still loading no longer results in the profile data of the first profile being overwritten.
- (XB1) Title no longer crashes when attempting to change the profile in specific situation.
- (XB1) Selected resolution is now saved correctly.
- (XB1) Audio settings are now saved correctly.

- Leaderboards are now updated in a more timely manner in the results screen.
  Please note that on consoles the leaderboard update can take up to five minutes.
- In the event details, “Updating...” notification is now displayed while leaderboards are being updated.

- Added a warning notification when trying to install a part that is incompatible with one or more already installed parts.
- HUD no longer contains overlapping bogus elements when starting a custom event after playing a tournament event.

- Player vehicle no longer occasionally appears “ineligible” for no reason after attempting to change the paint.
- A failed join attempt is now correctly aborted and the game no longer goes into infinite lockup.
- Event rotation no longer gets stuck when moderator, admin or host has an ineligible car selected when loading the next event.
- (PC) Server no longer loads a wrong event after too many tracks are enabled on the server.
- (PC) Event list is no longer truncated after a certain number of events is displayed.

- Damage from wheelhub collisions is now correctly attributed to the attacker, eliminating the issue in which no score was awarded to the player.
- Steel armcos are now more realistic in the sense that they are less sticky, yet they slow down more to prevent wallriding.
- Improved the handling of Bugzilla, Lawnmower, School Bus, Sofa Car and Supervan.
- Improved Sweeper, Bullet, KillerPig AI Player handling so they do a better job at staying on the track.
- Added Class B and Class A engine upgrades for Doubledecker, Lawnmower, Schoolbus, Sofa Car, Supervan.
- Added Class C and Class B engine upgrades for Bugzilla.
- Added more AI Player paint schemes for Bandit, Bandit Ripper, Buggy, DragSlayer, KillerPig, Rammer RS, and WarDigger.
- Added "Random Small Special" AI Set for custom events, containing only small special vehicles.
- Added "Random" AI Set for custom events, containing all vehicles including special.
  Please note that some of the existing AI Sets were renamed for consistency.
- Fixed a number of AI Players not appearing in Class A events even though they should have.
- Fixed a case in which a number of AI Players might have had textures missing during a career event.
- Improved KillerPig cocking and chase cameras.
- Improved Bandit Ripper chase camera.
- Fixed glitchy Hellvester visual damage.
- Increased ragdoll eject threshold slightly for normal damage (takes more force to eject the ragdoll).

- Fixed a case in which it was possible to miss the checkpoint in the hairpin on Pinehills Short.
- On Crash Canyon and Rockspot Roughfield, the vehicle is no longer reset on top of the embankments.

- DragSlayer, Honey Pot, Bugzilla, Pocket Rocket and Wardigger (AI vehicles): Fixed misconfiguration of real-time doppler effect automation.
- DragSlayer: Fixed broken audio assets.
- Harvester, School Bus, Venom & Wardigger (Player vehicles): Increased RPM safety limit to prevent sound from randomly cutting off upon partial loss of wheel contact or when redlining the engine while vehicle momentum is increased by exterior forces.